Interface Distribution LLC was established in December of 2011 by owners Jodi L Druzba and her husband Joseph R Druzba Jr. Interface was created out of a recognized need in the CATV and telecom world for companies to have one centralized source to contact that maintains a complete understanding of the impacts of not only pricing but delivery speed or delays, workloads, changing climates and trends as well as the need for quality products.  Each of these areas can impact the bottom line and ultimately the success of a System. Interface takes into consideration the System’s unique needs as well as the day to day effect on the human resource component of that company. Interface assists in balancing the needs of the company by applying individualized processes incorporating the goals of management, finance and production.

The mission of Interface Distribution LLC.  is to bring a human touch to the process with a commitment to solid and measurable economic, community and overall company growth for each client.

Interface, in addition to housing product on site as needed, has established relationships with distribution centers and suppliers throughout the US, Canada, China and Hong Kong.  Interface also has the ability to distribute directly from many large manufacturers to save on costs and lead times.

Lastly, Interface will take the time to assist at all levels for hard to find products, technical and product questions, training, contract negotiations as well as system needs for broadband logistics such as repair and recycling.  No system is too large or too small to find benefit in Interface.

In 2017 Interface Distribution received a Women’s Business Development Grant. This certificate is for women owned businesses and is given out by New York State’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development.